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Sustainability in ATrollCity Metaverse (NFT)

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4 min readDec 29, 2021


Had a long night discussing with the dev team on how best to benefit our early investors with our NFT.

These are the few points that were salient in our discussion

Benefit early investors most who believes in us

  • Long term utility and benefits of NFT
  • Minting of our Avatars NFT to mutually bring up PINE prices for investors that are holding it

Evidently, our current utility benefit for Staking is sexy yes — but we still think we can do better for investors on a long-term basis. I mean, what’s next after that 6 months of staking? Obviously — our other earn mechanism on play/rent/trade will carry on. But can we actually do better?

That is when after much thought we decide to introduce ATrollCity NFT Tokenomics.

This is how it works simply

  • Tokenomics mechanism for NFT for immediate utility and long term benefits for early investors
  • Each mint will see 15% taken out of which
  • Existing NFT holders will get 5% rewards from each mint
  • Buyback and Burn Pool will get 7% for making green candles on the chart
  • 3% will be added to the Liquidity Pool for price stability
  • As a reward for your early investment, every time your NFT is being sold (even if you are not the owner anymore) — you will get a 3% maker’s fee for being the first minter of the NFT Avatar. This will only happen in the ATrollCity Marketplace.

I hereby attach a nifty table for a very realistic and conservative estimation of your ROI upon a steady-state of the game being launched and played.

The above table is not inclusive of P2E yet so your ROIs could potentially be much much higher.

  • Stake to earn based on a 100% APY for 3 months.
  • Rent to earn — renting out on average for 0.01BNB per day just one week per month for 6 months.
  • Trade to earn — based on that trade price will be double that of the final mint price of 0.3BNB as supply is limited.
  • Reward Pool — average 5% rewards estimated for every mint (the later you join the lesser you get)
  • Future Trades — based on Maker’s fees. We assume conservatively that after selling your NFT, as a maker, it is exchanged hands at least 3 times at double the final mint price.

Attractive? You bet. The earlier you join in the higher your ROI. We mean it when we want to incentivize early investors.

Now, to achieve this Tokenomics — a shift to BNB instead of $PINE is required for minting. The reason is two-fold.

  1. Reducing complexity and gas fees — This is needed to simplify smart contracts for tokenomics rules and reduce gas fees without swapping to $PINE.
  2. Secondly, maintaining $PINE Price Stability. This is so that we do not need to sell $PINE to get BNBs for tokenomics rewards which will bring dipping red sticks on the chart which we all absolutely abhor. This keeps $PINE price clean, stable, and independent from rewards.

The result of these enhanced earnings is that we have to just wait for a little as we are working on the new smart contract for minting as it includes these new Tokenomics. We should be good at looking at another week or two at most — which our team is doing our utmost to rush this out with proper testing.

You would have noticed also — as a thank you and support to the whitelisted holders — from the original 0.3BNB pine equivalent — we are reducing the price to just 0.1BNB.

Thank you for sticking with us and we promise to make ATrollCity the best ever.

ATrollCity to us is a gaming ecosystem that we as devs take seriously as we see so much potential in crypto gaming and giving people a form of entertainment with hopefully a second source of income. But as with all forms of financial investments please ensure that you do your own research. We do not provide financial advice and are simply sharing our vision and a possible future for crypto gaming; starting with the ATrollCity Metaverse.

An opinion piece by Avon; COO ATrollCity

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