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4 min readJan 10, 2022


With thousands of projects in the crypto-verse, it’s important to know the differences in projects that are in it for the long term or projects that will potentially leave you broke in a few weeks or days.

Understanding and playing the long game for investing in the crypto market will decrease your risks of losing money in today’s very volatile bearish market. Giving you potentially more stable returns in the long run.

Here are signs of what you should look out for when looking for committed long-term projects like ATrollCity.

Security Trait 1: Locked and Loaded

One of the key traits is looking at the project’s locked liquidity pool. Liquidity is locked by renouncing the ownership of liquidity pool tokens for a fixed time period, by sending them to a time-lock smart contract. Without ownership of LP tokens, developers cannot get liquidity pool funds back.

Projects like ATrollCity is a prime example of a liquidity pool that is being locked for a certain fixed time period. The devs at ATrollCity had locked away close to 77.45 BNB in 2 years; until May 22, 2023.


What is a liquidity pool?

Liquidity, simply put, is a pool of funds that crypto token developers need to create to enable their investors to buy and sell instantly. Without this pool, the investors will have to wait for someone to match their buy or sell order and there is no guarantee that the trade will be completed at all.

Liquidity is created by pooling in the new token along with another token of established value (e.g., ETH or BNB or stablecoin like Tether) in an exchange like Uniswap or PancakeSwap. This pool of funds gets deposited in the exchange and liquidity provider receives liquidity pool (LP) tokens in return, which can be used at a later point to withdraw the pool funds.

Security Trait 2: Swing Resistant

Most projects have their funds laying there in the wind. Encouraging whales to enter and make waves into projects causes huge fluctuations in their paper-thin Liquidity Pool. Although projects like these may seem fun when swings happen when it’s on bullish markets; it’s the reverse when bullish markets happen as projects can really go down really fast.

One of the reasons why a thick LP (77 BNB) like ATrollCity not only prevents waves when whales enter but it also prevents waves when whales leave. That means a more stable trading ground for the people investing in the token.

To further secure the situation of whales entering and leaving there is an anti whale limit of >1% based on the total circulated coins.


Security Trait 3: Audited

One of the most important things that you need to check out on reliable projects is whether or not their code has been audited. This is an important step to identify if the project is safe or if it’s penetrable by bugs or vulnerabilities. This is important because without an audit you will not know if the project may get derailed by hackers.

Projects like ATrollCity takes the extra mile to ensure that their project is Audited by SOKEN ensuring that their code is safe.


Security Trait 4: Engaged Team

Doxxed or not an engaged team with the community will keep the team updated on the goals that they have set out in the project roadmap. Of course, being Doxxed just like any other company means giving people the security that those who are ‘running the show’ know what they are doing. Even for some teams that do not have doxxed individuals do make sure that they are really engaged with the community sharing their common interests.

ATrollCity is proud to have one of the most engaged dev teams. Updating everyone on the timelines as well as sharing any recent developments with the community so that they know what is happening.


ATrollCity is a safer choice in crypto investment and a step for us to really create the metaverse of games. But as with all forms of financial investments please ensure that you do your own research. We do not provide financial advice and are simply sharing our vision and a possible future for crypto gaming; starting with the ATrollCity Metaverse.

An opinion piece by Raphael Lim; CEO ATrollCity

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