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Early video game creators created a world where gaming was less communal; after all the likes of board games had been around for ages, and then with the creation of the digital age came the creation of pong! Yes, that 1972 hit by the American game manufacturer Atari, Inc. The world changed!

Games had taken a step into making massive worlds for first-person shooters like what you see in PUPG and very soon the likes of a “map” structure for FPS soon disappears into what seems like a limitless environment where players can explore and immerse themselves into.

In gaming, such content as world art, game design, can often be regarded as an “Art” also limited to the technology that drives it becomes the “Science” behind the game.

And these limitations often get smaller and smaller once the boundaries are pushed. But someone will need to start identifying and pushing it for a future of what crypto games will be in the future. This is what the ATrollCity Dev team is striving to achieve, the first out of the box with a concept that could push the boundaries and change the future of crypto gaming as we know it.

The structural basics

The Science: Shifting the risks of Crypto for safer investments.
ATrollCity identifies the benefits that crypto brings to the community by giving a way, and an option to provide additional income to supplement the lifestyle or livelihood of gamers and investors. Trying to develop a system on the blockchain that helps minimize the risk will allow for lesser swings in the inflation of the price allowing for more players to enter into consistent gameplay with more predictable expenses and returns. The ATrollCity boasts to be the metaverse of games and having access to two smart contracts separating both the Avatar and the Token may seem bit much but it's necessary to keep the ecosystem in check.

The Art: Leveraging on browser technology for Agnostic gameplay.
A good game is not worth anything if it’s tied down by technology. ATrollCity is prepping the way into the future with the game being accessible via the web. A unity engine was proposed by the Autumn Interactive team to meet our needs. We knew entering into this meant that not everyone could have the access to the latest technology. We have also developed the metaverse of games in 3d to be lite, once the game is launched we will continue to push the limits of the visuals bringing it to a whole new level.

The incentive of playing

The Science: Limitations of rewards.
Crypto games today have a limit in the number of ways that a reward can be granted to the gamer or investor. Creating a quad earn structure in ATrollCity ties in with our original intention to drive benefit to the community. Creating an enhanced smart contract that gives the NFT owner of the Avatar in ATrollCity an original minters fee is not only new but also adds to the attractiveness to play in the metaverse of games.

The Art: Design is key.
Most graphics are taken off a reworked design with few concepts being original. ATrollCity takes this a step further concentrating on the world graphics, Avatar NFT, and Trollet Art designed from the ground up. This means that no one else would have the characters that we have designed. To further add to the attractiveness we have added 3D elements to both the Avatars and Trollets that give an added dimension to the collectability and tradeability of the NFT Avatars.

Expandability of the world

The Science: World expandability
Traditional games usually have limits and expansion packs will need to be downloaded if the game map is to be expanded. Being on the browser gamers and investors will not need to download packs every time there is an update. Cutting down on the resistance when it comes to updates, downloading, and purchasing, this will cut down on the resistance when it comes to the playability of the games within ATrollCity.

The Art: World Expansions
AtrollCity is designed from the ground up which means that the team can expand the map as and when the game grows. Seeing the potential in the expanded world more games can be added without much effort increasing the attractiveness of the 3D Metaverse.

We hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into the planning of ATrollCity the metaverse of games and the thought process that goes through the design and development of the game. ATrollCity looks to change the future of crypto gaming but as with all forms of financial investments please ensure that you do your own research. We do not provide financial advice and are simply sharing our vision; starting with the ATrollCity Metaverse of games.

An opinion piece by Raphael Lim; CEO ATrollCity

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