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3 min readJan 25, 2022


The question of what makes us human is fundamental to how we react and engage with one another.

Building the ATrollCity the metaverse of games we really wanted something that we could fundamentally include in our 5,000 Avatars' unique traits that would not only be collectible but familiar as well.

Since our NFT whitelist success, we pushed ourselves to understand how specific traits could be represented in our NFT avatars that you could either see yourself in it or even a friend or a loved one to make the entire metaverse of games truly collectible.

Avatar Elementals: Non-Variable Traits

Avatars have one thing in common and that is their place in the ATrollCity world in terms of their rarity and draw rates but we had to keep some trades linked to their roles in the ATrollCity Metaverse. Elements are Avatar locked so you will never get a FIRE-based Tu-The-Pan. Although if there is some glitch in the matrix maybe you may have the rarest NFT in existence ;)

Avatar Horoscope: Variable Traits

So this is where it gets interesting 1 out of 3 variable traits; the horoscope! Each Avatar true to their legend is born of the moon and rightly so they should have their own star signs. This means each troll can have specific star signs attached and the value of a special star sign that is similar to you as a legendary avatar could be so rare that it may be worth much more in the marketplace. Imagine if the metaverse only generates 2x An the dark and one was Taurus and another Pisces! And you had the same star sign, the demand will be huge!

Avatar Personality: True Trollets style!

Yes, even avatars were once born as trollets it was only because they had their stars aligned and ascended to become Avatars that they are now the magical beings that they are today. The thing is although we all grow up this doesn’t mean we shed our original sins. Avatars like trollets will share these similar traits.

Avatar Abilities: Yes we are not Gods and neither are the Avatars. This means that your avatar will get assigned various special abilities that make them even more special. Yours could be born with supernatural abilities.

Unlimited Possibilities

Now you know the traits this really opens ATrollCity up to a world of unlimited possibilities where avatars rule the metaverse of games! We could do gated cross-collaboration events where troll birthdays are celebrated by month or specific events like IQ puzzles only open up to the intellectual avatars?!

Something like this will make what we set out to accomplish and elevate ATrollCity’s metaverse of games to be the most played game in 2022! Where in this special world the NFTs actually do hold a special value!

ATrollCity is a safer choice in crypto investments and we have a vision to really revolutionize how games are played in the crypto world. We feel that creating the metaverse of games is the step in the right direction to a real future for crypto technology and NFT playability. But as with all forms of financial investments please ensure that you do your own research. We do not provide financial advice and are simply sharing our vision that starts with the ATrollCity Metaverse.

An opinion piece by Raphael Lim; CEO ATrollCity

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