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Why do we continue to slave ourselves and our time to a game when we can free ourselves to reap real-world benefits?

This whole conversation started when a group of friends asked if I could play a game of PUBG with them in the middle of a busy work week. As a gamer it was ever so tempting to load up that FPS, but real-life responsibilities made it impossible. Fast forward I managed to catch up with Avon another avid gamer I asked him what did he do to unwind knowing his schedules are as hectic as mine these days.

Needless to say, our passion for gaming led to us listing down the issues of gaming today; and if it’s even possible to free the player!

So a few drinks later; this was what we came up with:

  • Gamers are slaves to the game developer without real-world returns.
  • The solution of a crypto game to pay the player is still in its infancy leading to over-complex, and long play times; trading time for rewards.
  • Lack of the cross-usage of characters in multiple games.

We felt that the main thing that we really needed to start addressing is freeing the gamer. I love gaming but thinking back to that conversation all I’ve been doing since the days of lemmings was slaving away to pay someone else’s salary. Was there something mutually beneficial?

Topic 1: Gamers are slaves to the game developer without real-world returns.

Games up till today have really been a trade-off, game developers create games and gamers pay to play to maintain the salaries of big gaming companies. Even the freemium model involves us watching ads or completing tasks.

Gamers spend good money and their time to develop their characters in the game world but these characters are only valuable in the game world. Fine, there may be PvP games there that give me time to show off my latest armor that I've gotten from a quest but everything really ends up in the game, staying in the game forever!

If there was really some way that we gamers can dip into the pot of glorious returns without starting our own gaming company would definitely be favorable. But we are not all wealthy moguls in life, unfortunately.

This leads us to the second stage of the conversation. As investors, we have access to multiple resources, types, and styles of investment vehicles and one that came up in the convo were Crypto!

Crypto Gaming is the future of investments but they always either had that 8-bit feel or the overcomplexity of a portable dungeons and dragons game. The principles never really strayed far from grinding in some way or form to get returns.

With ATrollCity we knew this would have to be different, a metaverse designed over games themselves with Avatars being able to cross-play in multiple game sequences and still earn PINEs from those games, the principle of letting people convert into real-world currency as a form of supplementary income becomes a real-scenario with all the pageantry of showing off fancy avatars minus all that annoying jumping through hoops to get something that will only stay within the game.

Topic 2: The solution of a crypto game to pay the player is still in its infancy leading to over-complex, and long play times; trading time for rewards.

The world has entered into short-form content. Why haven't our games evolved as well? Let’s be honest, most of us are older adults now with responsibilities and we don’t really have the time to play long games anymore. 2–3 minutes max? Plus the fact is that our time is more valuable now considering every minute can be spent earning money.

We really should spend our time wisely and although the crypto gaming world has given us that space to do so it really seems that it’s still in its infancy. One of our key ideals here is saying NO GRINDING and no more one-sided yield generating processes?

We figured that ATrollCity will fit that model by providing an attractive 3D metaverse designed from the ground up, filled with 2–3minute of games. Fast, frictionless, and easy. Pick up the game, play, and get some money from your time. ATrollCity is unique as one of the first games to be quad-earn meaning that you can not only stake your NFT Avatars to earn APY but also take them out to play while they are staking.

Topic 3: Lack of the cross-usage of characters in multiple games.

This one really got us up and flustered. Talking about how much time we had spent building and griding to get the best equipment for our avatar and that can only be used in ONE GAME!! Yes, grinding for hours on end to get a sacred weapon and a year later another version of the game starts and we are now starting from scratch again! Trust me I’ve spent at least a few thousand dollars in my lifetime to see characters just burn away in smoke. With game companies ensuring us that it’s all part of the game.

This is an area that we really wanted to correct with ATrollCity as that was a major pain point for gamers who invest in games. The benefit of a ground-up design for the game really was that we could control the roles that both the Avatars and Trollets actually play in the game. Making sure that the key investment of the player, as well as other investments, are secured. In terms of the growth of the game and the future of the characters within the metaverse.

We make sure that the Characters, investments, and community interests are all protected within the ATrollCity Framework.

We are spending our efforts to build up the ATrollCity metaverse as part of giving people a form of entertainment and hopefully a second source of income. But as with all forms of financial investments please ensure that you do your own research. We do not provide financial advice and are simply sharing our vision and a possible future for crypto gaming; starting with the ATrollCity Metaverse.

An opinion piece by Raphael Lim; CEO ATrollCity

To find out more about ATrollCity visit and join our Telegram community at



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