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As Huo finished the incantation, a huge stone that was blocking the way started to move unveiling a cave that seems to go deeper than what Huo had imagined. Huo picked up the torch and started to stumble deeper into the cave. The thing with Huo was although he was constantly picked on when he was growing up he always found courage from within and could always stare fear in the eyes. His nickname Huo the shades came from “shading” those around him from danger, he always knew the right thing to do.

Huo moved deeper into the cave and he realized that the sound of water got louder. He had finally reached the end of the water source. A huge chasm where lava meets water, nothing like he has ever seen before. The lava was blazing hot, so hot that it hurt his eyes. He started to look around and found a pair of shades on the ground. Huo picks it up and begins to admire the beautiful sights around him. He focuses on the spot where lava and water diverge; “Hold on!” Huo exclaimed, “Who is that person floating in the middle of spring?!” “Hey! You shouldn’t be there!” Shouted Huo but the person ignored Huo. I should go reach out to him and just as soon as he walked closer to the edge the rocks below him gave way. Huo was now sliding down the rocks and as he descended, he noticed the steam coming closer to him like a cloud. Soon Huo found himself fully immersed into the giant cloud of steam.

Huo hears a voice echoing in the mist. “Who is that who dares disturb me when I’m meditating. Tell me now, or I will vaporize you!” Huo was too weak to reply that he simply faded into unconsciousness.

It wasn’t long before Huo opened his eyes again and found himself in a spring, face to face with another troll. “Now that you are here, who are you fire creature?!” asked Fei as he rested his ice spike into Huo’s face. “I’m Huo the shades, General Omni… well... I’m here from another land.” “Well Huo you are in no shape to speak, I’m Fei, rest and recover in the springs and we will talk more when you have recovered from your injuries”

Who is this stranger name Fei? What’s his issue with steam? Is he a friend or a foe?

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Lore Created and Written By;
Raphael Lim — Atrollcity.com