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“Gravediggers! Move with the scouts we need to find high ground in this new metaverse!” bellowed Quan. Awaken from his slumber, Quan knew deep inside him that he had to take control of the situation. After all, he has always been in control. Ever since he had lost his parents as a young child Quan had to learn to defend and train himself becoming this towering creature of mass destruction that you see before you today. Quan looks around him to gain his footing. He picks up a rock effortlessly and throws it near the collapsed body of Huo the Shades. “Wake up will you? Better not be dead I won’t want to carry your body across this barren dessert” said Quan as he kicked up the sand below his feet. “Time to move, Quan looks pissed again,” whispered Tu the Pan, as he helped Huo up from the ground.

“New game plan weaklings! We know that the portal led many others to this new wretched space.” Quan addressed the soldiers that lay before him. Looking forth he sees that the wormhole had brought more than just his dark council of trolls. He looked to the east, and a smile formed as he bellowed, “Artillery, head out to find em’ pineapples! There has to be some here enough to keep us powered to bring some peace to this land”.

Quan gained respect climbing up the ranks of the Gravediggers. A division of the strongest most capable front-line grunts that you will ever see. They have grown with such respect and infamy that everyone in Zandallar feared them for their scouting and intelligence gathering abilities. Quan rolled with the best of them being transferred into T-Team and placed in charge of the darkest most atrocious missions. Legend has it that with his massive strength he had taken out an entire 10,000 strong army singlehandedly in a weeklong mission while his unit was under heavy fire. It was through that mission that he had earned his final rank and was placed as head of the troll army by the oracle; Brigadier General of the Trolls; the great controller of the Warriors.

“And I will set up the altar here.” A voice echoes in the minds of all the trolls in the land as a small little troll appears before Quan and the council. “Blessed one! We will be pleased to take on this conquest” Quan declared while beating his chest strongly with his golden scepter. “FOR PEACE!” the army of trollets shouted and their voices like thunder filled the air. “This ground will be the sacred knoll, and all of you will find new lands, gathering back here once again when I’ve summoned you through the Awakening” the oracle’s voice continues in the mind of all those around. “You will know the awakening as it’s deep inside all of you. Go forth!” the oracle followed up with a strange incantation and the powers of Quan transferred to the sacred weapons of the trollets, they started to glow with an ominous sound.

“The oracle has commanded! We will go forth!” Quan commanded his army at the top of the scared knoll. “My generals. Huo shall follow me as my advisor. Tu you head to the northern seas and take the best engineers with you!” Quan ended while beating his chest in salute to his army. “FOR PEACE!” the troll army thunderous response is heard throughout the land.

Will this be Quans most important conquest yet, or is this just the beginning of the end? Stay tuned for more atrocities at “ATrollCity” and play our game to decide their fate.

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Lore Created and Written By;
Raphael Lim — Atrollcity.com



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